Sunday, April 19, 2015

A message from The Taxpayer to the Press...

To: John Ramsey <>, Jim McConnell <>, Village News <>, Chelsea Rarrick <>, rdepompa@nbc12.comCc: "Elswick, Steve" <>, Art Warren <>, Dorothy Jaeckle <>, Jim Holland <>, Dan Gecker <>


Per your articles and stories regarding Chesterfield County. 

What has happened to critical thinking in this county and in the Press?  It looks like their attempts to shut you down is working.

First, the tax rate LEVY is composed of the tax rate and the tax base. The county RAISED both! It is not my opinion, as the notice required by our State Constitution requires the public be notified when a municipality receives more than what the tax increase implied, as happened the year before. The 1 cent (last year) increase raised more than the $3.2 million it was supposed to, in fact it raised $18 million (all per county data on its website). 

Therefore, the tax rate was automatically lowered to $0.94 and the BoS had to have a public meeting to RAISE it 2 cents. Its not really the same rate.  If you don't believe me, read the notice. So again, the county raised both the tax rate and the assessed values (not market) and raised YOUR taxes (the total tax LEVY). Its all right there on the LEGAL NOTICE.

This is EXACTLY why the VA code requires this, to avoid these shenanigans!!! 

If you can’t figure that out, look at the chart (all county data) and tell me why it generates more tax revenue above the 2015 $0.98 plan soundly rejected last year.

Why don’t you all post the notice and its true language and this chart that proves the 2016 $0.96 budget and levy generates more money, every year for 5 years, than the 2015 $0.98 plan soundly REJECTED last year.

The only way that can happen is to raise the RATE and the assessment.  Ask the BoS members like Elswick, Warren, Jaeckle if they raised taxes.  Mr. Holland and Mr. Gecker already know that answer.  They raised spending too, a lot.  And, they gave CCPS more money than what Newsome asked for and more than the memorandum of understanding they entered into last year.  

All of that with SOLs flat to down, title one schools way up, non-accredited schools rising in number exponentially, and teacher fatigue at an all time high.  In fact, the greatest cheerleaders of Newsome is Holland and Wyman. It’s interesting to note that the Dale district’s high schools are both not fully accredited. Wow!  But hey, the BoS is going to monitor the CCPS progress from here on out do to all the era money they gave.  

Does the plan seem fair and balanced to you as Mr. Elswick stated?  I am sure it does to CCPS and other bureaucrats.  Oh yes, and the 5 year plan concept is nothing new.  Its been their for years as projections out 4-5 years for well over a decade.  Just go look at past budgets, again all on the county website.  Mr. Gecker is stretching the truth o meter here as its an election year!
That is why Jim Holland motioned so quickly before Mr. Carmody finished his introduction on this massive tax increase!

Well done Mr. Holland, well done indeed.  Checkmate you sly dog!
With kindest regards, I am, 
The Taxpayer

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