Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Do you know how much your Chesterfield County Public School "System" is out of control?

The Taxpayer must remain vigilant in the face of the school bureaucrats who seek to keep how our taxes are used and abused in the dark.  Sunlight is the best disinfectant for corruption, fraud, and waste.

Some media outlets get it and The Taxpayer is (beyond words) appreciative.

To follow up on the question... "Why the school system was allowed to build a multi-million-dollar tech center without having it formally approved and listed in its five-year capital improvement plan.", the Taxpayer submitted a Freedom of Information Act to get to the bottom of it.

We expect any criminal activity to be investigated and the consequences to be swift and full measure. At a minimum, the Board of Supervisors needs to rip a knot into this out-of-control School Board and School Administration. (Remember... you just stroked a $304 million dollar check to them last year.)

Subject: CCPS FOIA Request
Date: October 14, 2014
From: The Taxpayer 

The Taxpayer is providing this for the benefit of your clerk. It is not intended to change the date of our request or when legal receipt of our request should get to us. Our previous FOIA requests and your response thereto (though lacking) were noted again into the public record last night.

Via FOIA, The Taxpayer requests the following for CTE@Hull (or 21st Century Academy, old Clover Hill, or any other nomenclature CCPS has referred to the project) over and above the $9 million for HVAC:

  1. Any and all CIPs presented by the superintendent / staff (“staff”) to the CCPS board and CIPs, if any, provided to the Board of Supervisors (“BoS”) via the County Administrator (“CA”) as required per County Charter, Section 5.2 and per the Virginia Code therein;
  2. Staff presentations presented to the CCPS board, and accompanying work papers, supporting the lack of need to obtain Substantial Accord, per Charter and VA code, for a change to the use of this facility;
  3. Any and all CCPS decision point documents or staff work papers that CCPS board used not to seek Substantial Accord, as required by law;
  4. Staff presentations or work papers and CCPS acknowledgements (approvals) as to when the project went over the LTD Budget and where funding came from for over budget amounts given that G/L entries indicate $33 million versus $25 million (rounded) supposedly appropriated;
  5. Given that CCPS provided PowerPoint presentations that $6.5 million was supposedly “funded” by savings on the new Clover Hill High School (“CCHS”), provide all staff presentations, analyses, and work papers and/or other CCPS board work product that supports these “savings”. NOTE that G/L ledgers show expenditures above the appropriated column of $70+ million and NO savings are shown; please show how funding was increased, with staff presentations, board approvals, or BoS requests and appropriation approvals, by $6 million from $70 million to $76 million, but funds were not spent after revenue increase.
  6. Staff presentations, analyses, and work papers supporting how IDC lease, of $33 thousand per month, paid on a month to month basis, or $390 thousand per year, supports a $4.5 million funding source per the PowerPoint presentation to BoS Liaison and Budget and Audit committees; 
  7. Staff presentations and legal opinions or position papers that support the legal position that projects can be funded with and by “savings” of other CIP projects;
  8. All G/Ls or costing jobs from all projects (within or excluded from CIPs) that yielded savings to fund CTC@Hull project;
  9. Provide all legal support and analyses, and/or work papers, that gives THIS board comfort that projects not in any CIP can be funded as such outside citizen purview;
  10. Per Memo #64, dated August 9, 2011, provide when the “stakeholder” committee” was formed, who the members were, meeting dates, and supporting minutes and recommendations;
  11. Provide any and all staff support, analyses, work papers, consultant work product, and / or other board documents that provides support for not selling property to use for other needed school CIP projects or that could support direct funding of frontline educational needs (like teacher pay) or reduce the CCPS unfunded liability of $70 million ($50 million in 2010 when MGT Report recommended action plan);
  12. Provide support for which bond referendum the $25 million indebtedness now noted on the job appropriation report is allocated to, per citizen vote;
  13. Provide the CIP and referendum data for question 12 as support and proof;
  14. Provide any and all staff documents, consultant work product, or other board documents and analyses where the staff has addressed the recommendation to reduce or minimize the $70 million unfunded SRP liability in the MGT Report and by KPMG in the County’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report;
  15. Please provide the a listing of all key administration positions and salaries of those presiding over both MGT Report (2010 to present) and CTC@Clover Hill projects (2007 to present);
  16. Include the names of all CCPS school board members and their compensation in the same time frames; also present their Aye or Nay votes on these projects and timing thereof. 

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